Alternative Education

Santa Rosa High School prides itself on recognizing and appreciating that not every kid thrives best in a comprehensive high school setting.   With this knowledge, counselors are trained to look outside the “traditional” box and work with students and their families on finding the setting that may allow them to be most successful in attaining a high school diploma. 

Santa Rosa City Schools has a few Alternative School Settings Sites.  Please review this information on the various options.  After reading the information, please contact your student’s counselor for an appointment to discuss choices or answer more indebt questions.

Many Charter Schools exist within Sonoma County.  Each has its own philosophy, site, and personality.  It is important to visit and to speak to representatives prior to choosing a school for your child.  This site is a list of Charter Schools within Sonoma County including contact information:

Sometimes the best choice is not a setting, but instead, a high school diploma earned from a specific test

California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE):  The CHSPE is a test that, if passed, is equivalent to a high school diploma in the state of California.  Students need only be 16 or be in the second half of their sophomore year to register for the test.  The test costs $100.00 and is given three times a year at Sonoma County Office of Education.  If a student passes the test, and the student and his/her parents approve, the student would be able to drop SRHS as a graduate and no longer attend high school.  Note:  the student is not a SRHS graduate, but a state of CA graduate; therefore, the student will not participate in SRHS graduation.   It is recommended that students who take the CHSPE also take the GED when they turn 18.

General Education Diploma (GED):  The GED is a test, if passed, is equivalent to a high school diploma anywhere in the United States.  Students must be 18 to enroll for the test which is given regularly at SRJC at Plover Hall.  SRJC also has test practice classes to prepare for the exam.  To enroll in these classes, students can not be concurrently enrolled in a high school.     Once a student passes the GED, they no longer need to attend high school.  Proof of passing the test must be brought into the counseling office in order to drop a student from high school.  Parent permission is not necessary as the student is an adult.  For more information on the GED: