Alternative High School Diploma Options


Ridgway High School- SRCS:  890-3770


High School Diploma

  • Student must be 16 and meet minimum credit requirements per grade level
  • A voluntary Program
  • Must be enrolled in a SRCS comprehensive site to apply
  • Application goes through the comprehensive site’s school counselor.
  • Diploma is 180 credits (2 years math and Modern Language Waiver)


Youth Connections/John Muir Academy- John Shaw  (707) 578-2034


High School Diploma:  ages 17-26 

  • Max of 30 students
  • Use Odysseyware and Khan Academy for online providers
  • WASC Accredited (John Muir Charter School)
  • Referral process:  Call and schedule a meeting with a copy of IEP and transcript.
  • Grad Requirements 210- 30 english, no fl.
  • Students can test out of classes with competency and gain those credits
  • 3 teachers in school
  • ½ day is group instruction and ½ is credit recovery.


CCNB/Conservation Corp North Bay-  Rohnert Park  (707) 303-3069


High School Diploma as well as GED prep/work (18-26 yo)

  • Work two days a week (community Project) and school time
  • Same Graduation requirements as John Muir Academy
  • GED prep in english and spanish
  • Students can test out of classes with competency (and be granted credits)
  • Career Pathways program (friday)
  • Certifications- fork lift, CPR 


Petaluma Adult Ed.-  Aimee Jasa 415-680-5611


High School Diploma as well as GED prep- must be 18 or older

  • High School Diploma
  • High School Equivalency  (HiSET/GED test preparation) in English or Spanish
  • Students must be18 years or older
  • We honor the 130 path for students who qualify- however, it only lowers electives as everything else is already at state min.
  • Must attend an in person orientation
  • PAS may not be an offer of FAPE
  • Students need to be self driven
  • HSD classes can be done using Odysseyware or out of Textbooks (packets) 
  • Students have to be able to access the coursework in English for the diploma pathway
  • No due dates - work at own pace
  • Weekly attendance is not required, but strongly recommended
  • Classes are run like a lab
  • Transition support to SRJC and JobLink
  • Classes are free
  • Blended class option- online course work and evening in person class support:    

PAS Diploma Requirements

English 30 US History 10
Algebra 10 Government 5
Other Math 10 Economics 5
Life Science 10 VP Art/FL/CTE 10
Physical Science 10 Career Exploration 5
World History 10 Electives 65


During orientation students take an English and Math assessment. This is my first glimpse at how close they are to being ready for the GED/HiSET in those areas. 

If the student does okay on the assessments and need about 50 or more core classes credits I tend to recommend tests prep.


Discovery Challenge Academy:  1-844-633-3301

  • 15/12-18 year olds
  • 22 week free residential program for mass credit recovery (65 credits)
  • Located in Lanthrop Ca.
  • 1 year of mentoring after completion of the program
  • Does prep for GED or CHSPE if that is a goal
  • “Cadets” receive job and life skills

Students must want to attend and succeed in making a change.

Hanna Boys Center: 707-933-2560

  • Grades 9-12
  • Residential program for boys,  designed for those with behaviour issues
  • Students must volunteer for the program
  • Catholic based-offers spirituality/prayer daily
  • Program follows trauma based systems
  • Grad requirements-Minimum CA requirements, 130 credits
  • Tuition is minimal to free
  • Located in Sonoma, CA

SRJC:  GED testing and Prep Classes- 707-527-4305

  • 18 or older offered in English and Spanish
  • Student must not be enrolled in a high school
  • Student can enroll in self paced prep classes for no credit at the JC
  • Students have to enroll in CCC (and get ID#) to access the classes
  • Tests are offered regularly, sign up with the testing center
  • Free Practice tests are available on the testing site.

Charter Schools/Online-

There are many charter schools in the area (free/no tuition) and some are exclusively online.  For more information about charter schools that may fit your student’s needs, please do an internet search with the words:  Charter school, sonoma county, alternative.  Some high school online charter schools are below: