Academic Tutoring

Many students, at some point in their academic life, struggle with one or more courses. There should be no shame in acknowledging this hurdle.  Though there is no silver bullet to cure academic struggles, there are tips and resources available that may help. 

  • Organization of backpack and binders
  • Use of the student planner (given free to each student in the Fall)
  • Use of weekly progress reports (available in the counseling office on Thursdays)
  • Communication with teachers via e mail or in person during break or before or after school
  • Use of the Home Access Center (HAC) to follow progress and grading
  • PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY!!!! (don’t try to do your homework with your phone next to you)
  • DO NOT SLEEP WITH YOUR PHONE IN YOUR BEDROOM (turn off your phone by 9pm and place it in a charging station in a common room away from your bedroom, phones disrupt sleep patterns and make students groggy during the school day.)
  • Investigate one on one or group tutoring opportunities
  • DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!! (try to plan and prepare in advance so emergencies do not derail your success)
  • Get involved in extra curricular activities in the community or at SRHS (its proven the more involved a student is on their campus, the better they do academically and emotionally)
  • Attend classes every day on time and prepared.
  • Do not plan family trips during school days

After School Tutoring at Santa Rosa High School




Math:               Monday                                      Rm D109

Math:               Thursday                                   Rm D110      

English:           Monday                                      Rm D108       

English:           Tuesday                                     Rm D103          

English:         Wednesday                                  Rm D108

English:          Thursday                                    Rm D104    

Students, who attend SRJC as concurrent enrollment students, have access to the SRJC Tutorial Center on their campus.  This Resource is only available for SRJC Students!!!

Locations and Hours

On the Santa Rosa Campus

Located in the Frank P. Doyle Library, First Floor, Rm 4251

Drop-In service available for Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English, and ESL all hours that we are open. All subjects are offered by hourly appointments as well.

Hours of Operation
  • Fall & Spring Semesters: Mon–Thurs 8am-7pm / Fri 8am-3pm
  • Summer Session: Mon-Thurs 9am–4pm
  • For additional information, call: (707) 527-4491


One on One Tutors:

Some students need or desire a one on one relationship with tutors.  This option will not come FREE.  Often tutors range in price from 25 to 40 dollars an hour.  SRJC Math department has their own one on one tutorial list which SRHS publishes and distributes to interested families. 

A cheaper version of one on one tutoring is one on one Peer Tutoring.  Many SRHS students have mastered academic core areas and enjoy working with their peers in a tutorial relationship.  These sessions are usually an hour long and most of the time range between 10 to 15 dollars.  A list of potential peer tutors is located in the Counseling Office.

Many Private for profit companies also offer tutoring and organizational skills classes.  SRHS does not support or recommend any particular company and families are encouraged to do their own research and move forward at their own risk.

Group Tutoring:

Free tutoring is available at SHRS.  Many students can make arrangements with their personal teachers to meet during lunch, before school or after school for questions.  Four different subjects are also taught by SRHS teachers for an hour after school on various days per week.  Since SRHS teachers are offering this opportunity, they have an in depth understanding of the pacing and content of the subject areas they are teaching.  

For additional resources, visit our page on Academic and Life Planning

Legal Notices

Title I

Non-Discrimination/Title IX

The Santa Rosa City School district prohibits, at any district school or school activity, discrimination, intimidation, harassment (including sexual harassment) or bullying based on a person’s actual or perceived race, color, ancestry, nationality/national origin, immigration status, ethnic group identification/ethnicity, age, religion, marital status/ pregnancy/ parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, medical information or association with a person or group with one of more of these actual or perceived characteristics. This shall apply when applicable, to interns, volunteers, and job applicants.  For questions or complaints, please contact District Equity and Title IX Compliance Officer: (For Students) Dr. Kimberlee Armstrong, Associate Superintendent Educational Services, 707-890-3800 X80302; (For Employees) Michael Shepherd, Assistant Superintendent Human Resources, 707-890-3800 X80602; 211 Ridgway Ave., Santa Rosa,  CA  95401

Williams Act Compliance