SRHS is very fortunate that they happen to be located right next door to a nationally renowned Community College, Santa Rosa Junior College.  Many students are able to access SRJC while they are still attending high school.  These students are referred to as Concurrent Enrollment Students.  Concurrent Enrollment Students DO NOT have to pay any tuition while taking courses at SRJC (books and fees are not included in waiver). 

If a student thinks they may like to take a JC course, they start with looking online on the SRJC course catalog:   Once a course of interest is found, please check to make sure the course does not have a prerequisite stated.  If it does not, then please check in with your counselor during “drop in” hours, they will guide you from there. 

SRJC offers something for everyone.  Our students can access courses while still in high school, (though remember this is a college course and thus the students in the course will be adults and most with a high school education and some with a college degree), as well as attend SRJC full time upon graduation. 

There are SRJC "STEPS TO SUCCESS" that are required for seniors planning to attend college after high school. The complete list of these steps are found here:

SRJC Doyle Scholarship Program:  The Doyle Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to qualified local high school graduates who attend Santa Rosa Junior College during the 2017-18 academic year to complete an Associate’s Degree, certificate program, and/or units necessary to transfer to a four-year institution. Funds for these scholarships are provided through the Frank P. Doyle and Polly O’Meara Doyle Trust. 

The Doyle Scholarship paired with the rigor and relevance of the courses, often makes SRJC the BEST choice for many people furthering their education.