Important Senior Information

Believe it or not, high school flies by very quickly and all of a sudden, students and families find themselves embarking on the senior year.  Of course there were many years of planning, work, and discussions prior to falling into the senior year, but that does not always calm the nerves.  Depending on what the particular senior’s goals are after high school, there are many things to do during the senior year to make sure these plans come to fruition.  To help seniors plan, Counselors meet with them in a classroom setting (Gov/Econ) in September to deliver very important senior information and to answer questions they may have about their senior year in the Fall.  

During this classroom meeting, Counselors also hand out a month to month senior planning guide.

 Not all students wish to go to college after graduating from high school.  There are options for students looking for something different. 

Some students wish to serve the United States in the Military.  These students should research all the branches of the military, the jobs they offer for their enlisted, and take the ASVAB when offered at SRHS in the College and Career Center each Winter.  

Many other students may wish to pursue attending a Trade and Technical School or a Certificate from SRJC. 

(Attach Trade and Technical School Information Here)

The World Of Work:  Many students are lured by the idea of financial and social emotional independence from their parents after graduation.  Students take time off from school because they choose to or because they feel they have to be able to support themselves.  Working full-time at a minimum wage job, at the beginning, can feel very exciting and liberating.  The reality is that working full-time in a minimum wage job may be a challenge in Sonoma County.

Gap Year:  Many students are considering the idea of a “gap year” after graduation.  There seems to be a lot of confusion as to what a “gap year” is.  A “gap year” is a trend that some educators are encouraging to better help would-be students gain experience and maturity.   A "gap year" is defined as a break taken between high school and college that might include travel, work, research or volunteering before continuing academic studies.  If a student is interested in a “gap year” there are many organizations online that can assist in the planning and realization of the goal.   For more information, go to     Many students refer to a “gap year” as a year they just plan to do nothing, or travel and hang out.  That is not the definition of a “gap year” this plan is referred to as “taking a year off”.